Our StoryA few words about us


Our company's owners Fazakas Erika and Dr. Grum Mamo not knowing weariness and with hard work achieved the desired results, just like the craftsmen of the Ethiopian churches that inspired the company's name.


Fazakas Erika, a knowing no weariness, blonde, kind Transylvania girl, in whose blood courses unbelievable hospitality, expertise and “the customer first” approach. The secret to her success is her incredible calmness, even-tempered, advised nature and that “indubitable” aura, which sometimes is almost fearful and besides her, you know that the ideas you deem unsuccessful and impossible, you can achieve, because these expression are unknown to her.

Dr. Grum Mamo, who was born and raised in Ethiopia, then became a dentist in our homeland, after a few years thought of something bold and ventured into the hospitality field. Since then he became something of a living legend, one of the hospitality industries uncrowned kings, participant of every important event.

Fazakas Erika Fazakas Erika, Owner